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Remembering America: A Voice from the Sixties

A behind-the-scenes history of the most momentous decade in American politics, now with a new introduction by the author

Richard N. Goodwin entered public service in 1958 as a law clerk for Supreme Court Associate Justice Felix Frankfurter. He left politics ten years later in the aftermath of Senator Robert F. Kennedy's assassination. Over the course of one extraordinary decade, Goodwin orchestrated some of the most noble achievements in the history of the US government and bore witness to two of its greatest tragedies. Remembering America is a thrilling account of the breathtaking victories and heartbreaking disappointments of the 1960s, and a rousing call to action for readers committed to justice today.

"Marvelously anecdotal and often profound in its grasp of politics, character and paradox. John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson walk through these pages like major characters in a big novel." 
— Norman Mailer

"At his best, Goodwin still proves able to touch a nation."
— J. Anthony Lukas, The Washington Post Book World

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